Special Features:

1.Teaching type balance tester. After teaching, the corrected planes shall separate automatically. And the weight setting unit is gram.

2. All settings are in window type indication form for easy reading.

3. Digital Dynamtic Balancing Machine with 2 correction planes for user to choose.

4. An automatic lamp signal shall indicate that the work piece is good or bad.

5. Automatic split function. When the correction point is not continually spread, the unbalanced amount shall be automatically distributed to each correction point.

6. The automatic counter shall indicate the daily worked quantity and the QC.

7. Automatic zero adjustment.

8. With 200-set memory files and cross reference for easy managing the setting files of various work pieces.

9. The testing time can be preset. It will stop automatically when the testing is over. The testing result shall be latched on screen.

10. The testing result can be printed out.

11. Digital Dynamic Balancing Machine with adjustable testing range. The testing range can be switched manually or automatically.

12. RS-232C data transmission function.